When you believe in yourself, and God alone

Every day I wake up, have my coffee and believe today is going to be the day where I am going to follow through on the role God has planned out for me as a Christian wife, then I begin to see the truth of my life in reality and I end up doing a half ass job of it.  Don’t get me wrong, I dutifully follow my role to the best of my ability, but it’s a daily struggle to sit knowing full well my husband has full authority over me in anything and everything, as long as he is not asking me to sin.  There are days where doing my wifely duties with no problems is a no-brainier, but other days its a complete struggle to not complain or pour my sins out towards him.  When these sins begin to bubble up I typically try to walk in the other room, read a chapter in “The Excellent Wife” by Martha Peace (a MUST BUY-it will truly change your perspective of your Godly role as a biblical wife), recite certain scriptures that are paralleled at the emotions running hot through my veins, and take deep breaths while figuring out a better, Godly way to encounter my husband.  Every moment of every day I realize nothing is done without God’s helping hand, whether its doing the laundry, planning and making dinner, or simple enough as talking in a rightful manner.  He is there ALWAYS, its only a matter of accepting Him into your life, and putting yourself in His hands.


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