Clean Eating on EBT

So I found out today that my local farmer’s market offers double up food bucks when purchasing fresh fruits and veggies if using an EBT (SNAP) card! They will match up to $20; so let’s say I spend $20 on fruits and veggies and purchase them with my EBT card, the market will award me $20 in tokens, which I can then turn around to purchase $20 more of fruits and veggies!  I love this concept, especially since my husband and I both have decided to switch to a clean eating regimen.  I was worried we wouldn’t be able to afford all the fresh produce we could eat, but with this program we are blessed to be better able to provide for our bellies in a helpful, healthy manner 🙂 I also am able to provide fresh homemade baby foods for my 5 month old instead of filing him up with the outrageously overpriced baby food at the stores. 
As you can see I am forever grateful of such kind people in my own community.  To know that in today’s economy there are still willing people out there offering healthy affordable, even free, options to others is a prayer answered for my family, and many others out there.  I am not ashamed to say I am on EBT because I am not the type of person abusing the system by purchasing soda, fattening foods, candy, etc.  I am a SAHM, wife and homemaker who wants to provide healthy, nutritious meals for my family without going broke before the end of the month.    My husband works 50plus hours per week in a fiber glass filled car factory to provide for our small family of three.  We pay for our own medical, dental, and vision insurance, we have a car payment, car and renter’s property insurance,rent, electricity, baby diapers and wipes, etc. I do not work outside of the home because of beliefs, and the will to want to see all of my son’s milestones, however when he is a little bit older I will start my in-home daycare again to help with finances. Therefore you can see we are not a family prone to mooching off of others, but we are a family struggling to survive who need a little boost of financial help when it comes to providing meals for our family.  We are not proud to rely on such needs, but everyone needs a lending hand once in a while.  In respect we survive on only $75 per week of groceries, that’s not even $11 per day!  Mind you that money is divided into three: I have a newborn who eats solids twice per day on top of having bottles, and my husband and I to feed.  It isn’t easy, but we are blessed to have all the help we can get, that is why I was so excited (literally I was grinning like a kid in a candy store) to find this program at my local farmer’s market.  Maybe the program is nationwide, I don’t know, but it is something to look into if you are wanting yourself, or your family, to have a healthier option available.  Here is the link:


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