Chaos At Its Finest

It’s hard to believe that four months ago I gave birth to my sweet, precious baby girl.  Adding her to our already family of three (six- if you count the two crazy dogs and bearded dragon!) has truly been a blessing and a complete turn around for this mama.


With little man being only 19 months when baby girl was born, I knew I would have my hands full, and my heart exploding with love even in the darkest of mommy hours.  But I didn’t know the hardship of juggling it all until the time came for me to do it: diaper changes, washing the diapers (yes, we’re crazy, happy cloth diaper users!), the insane amount of never-ending laundry, household chores, showers for myself-let alone brushing my teeth, bath times, cooking not once, but 3 times a day, pumping 8 times per day, and the insane quizzical debate over whether or not to nap, take a shower, or relax during baby boys nap time (which has completely gone out the window now!).  Add trying to find alone time for myself, or spending time with the husband, and you’re left with one warn out zombie momma.

Luckily over the past few months I’ve learned a few things, and the biggie here is to let things slide.  I’m not talking about letting the house and yourself run downhill, but realize that it’s okay to order take-out on an extremely hard day, or that its okay to take that extra hour for sleep instead of catching up on household chores.

Remember, the mess will be there for only a few short years.  The messy faces that seem to always need wiping will one day be missed, and crazy enough as it sounds, so will all the diaper changes.


I no longer attempt to have a spotless house, which is a daily struggle for my OCD to take a side step-but I ignore it anyways until the babies are both in bed for the night.  I no longer wash dishes during the day, instead I wash everything all at once at night while aimlessly drooling over my dishwasher that stares me in the face each night -darn that water leak!  I don’t have a specific day for cleaning the entire house like I used to, instead I divide up one chore for each day of the week (except for Sunday-that’s my lazy day!)  I’ve learned to accept the fact that there will typically always be a load of laundry to wash everyday, crumbs on my coffee table, something that will stop me in my tracks and make me wonder, “Did that just happen?!”  And I’m okay with that.  In fact I feel more at home with toys covering every inch of my living room floor (little lego pieces aren’t a part of the picture so crying out in the middle of the night isn’t in the equation…yet!), and the kitchen never being completely clean.  As long as my husband  and kids are happy and feeling loved that’s all that matters to me.


Don’t let me fool you into thinking I have it all down pat though.  No ma’am….that is far from the truth.  I am SLOWLY getting used to the role of being a mommy of two,wife and homemaker, and I think everyday for the rest of mommy hood I will learn something new that will make my day go by so much more smoothly.   But until then, word of advice: if you hear me saying”I love my children”repeatedly during the day, then just know its a day that seems like it’ll never end, and anything that you could possibly think could happen, probably has!

Its funny how adding another child to the mix can change your perspective in life.  Just remember to repeat “I love my children” when the going gets tough and you’ll be okay, I promise!