Daily Routine With Kids

Before kids I was always up before the sunset and would have my to-do list done by the afternoon, now I’m lucky if I get to shower!  Fast forward a few years and my time is consumed by my 1 year old son and 1 month old daughter.  Its no longer about me, or only my husband, and getting my daily routine completed on my own time.  Now my days are compiled with diaper changes, feedings (pumping breast milk and bottle feeding it to my daughter), running after my toddler, and rocking a baby to sleep at all hours of the day and night.   The daily routine I once had known has changed from an attitude of”on time” to “it’ll get done when it gets done”, but that’s okay!  I love my crazy, chaotic lifestyle, even if that means a messy house and messy faces running around naked (true story on multiple occasions!).

I’ve attempted at having a daily routine go as scheduled while having two kids under the age of 2 within this past month, but that is not happening anytime soon in this household!  I’ve realized after becoming a mother to two that there are days where nearly everything gets done in a timely manner with only a few things that got left undone, and then there are days where absolutely nothing gets done, and I’m lucky that I haven’t pulled out all of my hair with a fewer than less empty tear ducts following shortly behind.

But I have found out that if I wake up an hour before both kids are awake that I feel more refreshed and put together throughout the craziness of it all.  That typically means getting out of bed at 5:30-6:00 AM, or sooner depending on the baby’s waking hour to eat/snuggle, but I’ve found that if I sleep in until 6:30-7:00 AM I fall behind on the morning routine and I lose my patience far too fast, and nothing gets done throughout the day.

I think I would rather lose an hour of sleep in the morning than have a household that doesn’t run somewhat smoothly.  So on a typical day, my mommy routine looks as follows:

5:30 AM-wake up, watch news while pumping, drink coffee, let dogs out

6:00-baby wakes up: feed and change her

6:30/7:00- second cup of coffee (much needed!), toddler wakes up: feed and change him

7:30- smoothie time for mommy!, pump (again!)

9:00-snack time, pump (again!)

11:00-pump (again!), lunch

12/1:00 PM-nap time for toddler (very rarely will the baby be asleep at the same time!), pump (again!)

2:00-toddler wakes up, snack time

2:30-start dinner

3:00-pump (again!)

3:30/4:00-husband gets home, dinner, wash dishes

5:00-pump (again!)

7:00- pump (again!), close up shop (close blinds/curtains, clean up kids toys), get both kids ready for bed

8:00-toddler in bed (yay!)

9:00-pump (again!), mommy bed time(double yay!-unless baby stays up longer)

11:00-wake up and pump (ugh!)–won’t do again until 3 AM (moms need their sleep too!)

I’ve also kept at a cleaning schedule to keep the semi-cleanliness look achievable::

Tuesday-sweep, wash clothes

Wednesday-vacuum, wash towels and sheets

Friday-wash clothes

Saturday-deep clean the house (vacuum, dust, sweep, mop, clean bathrooms)

So as you can see my day is filled up!  Some days I’ll hand off both kids to my husband around 6PM and I’ll take an hour nap, while some days I’ll walk around like a zombie mom running on “E”.

Obviously I don’t want to seem like the “all-together, Pinterest perfect mother”, so I will admit 9 out of 10 times my day will not go according to schedule, in fact just last weekend the house did not get clean (gasp!), but I do try to the best of my ability to get it all done.

While this may all seem crazy to you with all the scheduling, it really works for my family.  We even have Sunday “Family Day” where we do absolutely nothing, except lay around the house in our pj’s all day (unless we decide to go to the farmer’s market and the park).  The only thing I do is menu plan our dinners for the week, which trust me helps us out tremendously throughout the week!

What do you do to help keep your family and household together?


21st Century Homemaking

I’ve come such a long way from being a young wife who bought frozen and boxed foods to feed me and my husband.  I was so young and had no idea about healthy cooking from scratch or that buying in bulk actually saved loads in the long run, and I especially didn’t believe that buying healthier foods could be more cost-effective than the counter parts.

When I found http://www.onegoodthingbyjillie.com and http://www.pinterest.com I slowly but surely graduated to homemaking and experimented with resources and foods to make it eco-friendly and save us money.  I would be lying saying it was easy and it all worked out like it was supposed to, but believe me I have had a number of ‘nailed it’ moments and pitfalls.  In fact the first thing I tried was crockpot yogurt, and because I was young and naïve I tossed it out because it tasted sour.  Years later I find out it was supposed to taste like that because it wasn’t regular yogurt, it was plain Greek Yogurt! All I had to do was add fresh fruit or jam to it and it would taste awesome.  Needless to say I laughed it off and haven’t stepped foot in the yogurt section at my regular grocery store since. 

I then tried homemade powdered laundry soap and homemade fabric softener alongside homemade dryer sheets.  This worked especially when we were in a pinch, and would last us months for pennies worth of laundry, but I prefer to stock up on free and clear laundry products with my couponing strategies.

One product I’ve mastered is mixing Downy fabric softener with water in a spray bottle to make deodorizing spray which mimics Febreze, and my husband loves the smell of this and the savings!

I also homemake a batch of dry pinto beans in my crockpot and divide them to make refried beans and the other half is for meals that call for pinto beans.  I do the same thing for black beans, and trust me the savings are inextricably wonderful!

Therefore as you can see I am just like any other wife.  I make mistakes, but with patience and willpower I made it through and I have saved my family tons! 

Since we moved to Michigan within the past year and had our first baby, a number of things have changed.  My husband works 50 plus hours per week while I am a SAHM and full time student online, therefore we are very limited on our spending.  I am still learning ways to cut costs, but so far I am doing an awesome job with couponing and stockpiling, homemaking some foods, and finding clever ways to bring in extra cash when needed. 

One of the ways I save money is my Sunday coupons which get delivered right to my door.  I also print coupons from http://www.coupons.com, and other manufacturer websites.  Kroger and Meijer have their own separate website coupons so I take advantage of those too.  Probably my most favorite store lately is Target because they allow you to use their store coupons on top of your manufacturer coupon, and you can use their cartwheel app too!

Now when we schedule our monthly grocery list I make a menu of 15-20 dinner meals for the entire month and we may buy what is on the list.  The only way something else ends up in the basket is if I unexpectedly find an awesome deal that is too hard to pass up.  Sticking to the list really does help cut down on the monthly grocery bill!

On a typical monthly grocery trip I stop at three stores: Aldi, Dollar Tree, and Meijer -or- Kroger (depending on the deals).  We had a Costco membership and we were able to purchase some things for a great deal, but we found that we rarely used the items fast enough, and we didn’t have enough space to stock it all. However if you have the space I would greatly recommend the membership!

Due to Aldi non-couponing policy and products being generic, I generally only purchase dried pinto and black beans, pasta, condiments, milk, ground turkey and chicken, produce, and baking supplies. I have yet to try their cheese because we’re rather picky on our dairy choices.   

Our Dollar Tree has the coupon policy intact, so I stock up on a number of name brand products with coupons and most of the time can walk out of there with foods or household products for half the price or near to nothing. I generally purchase Bounty paper towels, Puffs Kleenex, Hormel pepperoni, tortilla shells, Hefty Ziploc bags, Kellogg Pop-tarts (for the hubby), and if I find another great deal that I can use with coupons I’ll splurge.

Meijer or Kroger is always the last stop on the list and I typically always have coupons for almost anything I need.  I especially like using coupons when they have their B1G1, or buy 6 and save, etc.

My theory of savings, as well as my way of homemaking in today’s society may not meet up to your standards, but it works for my family and that is all that counts.  Whether or not you use all my tactics, or just a few I hope you are able to make things easier financially for you and your family.